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In X-Onsite™…

  • SalesX CEO Joe Khoei will visit your company
  • Spend all day working with you, monitoring your processes, finding out about your business objectives, and answering your questions
  • Provide a full plan for your digital approach


Digital Marketing is a broad field, with many hidden pitfalls and opportunities. SalesX CEO Joe Khoei has over 20 years of experience in business and engineering, with the last 8 as the head of SalesX, and that experience has given him a deep and detailed knowledge of the benefits and requirements of not only Digital Marketing itself, but how Advertising Technology can affect and drive change in other parts of a business.

In X-Onsite™, Joe will spend a day at your site, working together in-person with you to hash out your goals for your business and your transition to digital marketing. He’ll go over your resources, your needs, and what strategies you already have in place. He’ll answer any questions you have as you go through the session. By the end of the day, he’ll have the information to formulate a full-spectrum plan of attack for your Digital Marketing, and a plan for how to utilize that to grow your business to where you
want it to be.

After signing up for X-Onsite™, we’ll establish access to your SEM accounts, review them, and set up a day for Joe to visit. He’ll give you the advice and direction of a CMO in regards to successfully transitioning to stronger digital advertising strategies.