SalesX® Announces X-Vault™ Digital Advertising Platform


We are announcing X-Vault™ our digital advertising platform. X-Vault™ facilitates, analyzes, and implements rapid adjustments to campaign optimizations. This platform includes use of custom AdWords Scripts, API, and other bespoke software products.

“Digital advertising is a competitive auction environment with rapid changes to conditions and bidders (advertisers)” says Joe Khoei, Chairman and CEO. “To stay on point, these rapid changes must be anticipated, frequently measured, and acted upon with speed and scale, which is impossible to achieve manually. X-Vault™ is a smart platform that facilitates ongoing testing and analysis of historical and real-time campaign data. It achieves continuous improvement (Kaizen), via informed decisions about the right levels of optimizations in the right places and at the right times.”


21 Optimization Solutions for Maximizing Business Value of Advertising Technology™

Optimization Solution: Why You Need It: How Our Optimization Software Achieves It:
X-Alphas™ Breaks Out Winners Aggressively identifies and separates winning keywords for special optimization processes (Intent)
X-Errors™ Isolates Broken Assets Monitors all areas for errors that require immediate attention (Quality)
X-Monitor™ Watches Everything Watches all account Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and updates their real-time status (Monitor)
X-Dash™ Real Time Reporting Captures real-time account progress and results in a reporting dashboard (Client-side Monitor)
X-Notables™ Reports Key Wins Captures, emails, and updates notable record breaking events in a real-time management dashboard (Reports)
X-Active™ Assures Uptime Assures approved ads exist in all active areas (Quality)
X-Budget™ Aligns Multiple Diverse Budgetary Requirements Creates and manages custom monthly budgets and with custom-pace as required by business needs (Allocation)
X-Journal™ Memorializes Winning Moments Systematically acts on company-specific important times (History)
X-Correlator™ Plots Winning Trends Identifies company-specific correlations from historical records and plans ahead for subsequent optimizations (Plots)
X-APR™ Alpha Progress Rate Tracks and plots growth rates of winning keyword additions (Progress Reports)
X-Teller™ Early Warning System Provides pre-indicator warnings about potential downturns in KPIs (Quality)
X-Shopper™ Accelerates Hot Sellers Separates hot selling e-commerce items into their own areas for special optimization processes (Product)
X-Climate™ Adjusts to Weather Conditions Adjusts campaign behavior for businesses impacted by the elements (Weather)
X-Octane™ Outpaces Past History Overrides history-based campaign optimizations upon existence of outstanding present conditions (Current)
X-Address™ Tags Winners Mines winning assets, and reveals outliers for expansion, and inventory management suggestions (Identification)
X-Verify™ Technical QA Alerts of any discrepancy in your advertising tracking and attribution systems (Quality)
X-Scan™ Stays Alert and Aware Consolidates individual errors that can otherwise get lost in the noise (Quality)
X-Pace™ Mandates Desired Pace Enables and expands budget monitoring functionality beyond traditional algorithm capabilities (Advance)
X-Sync™ Extends Wins to All Locations Replicates positive exploratory findings from one area to the whole of the ad systems (Share)
X-Clean™ Reduces Overage Identifies and eliminates areas of diminishing returns (Efficiency)
X-Display™ Promotes Winning Creatives Applies X-Alphas™ to the wider Display Networks (Approval)

“Several years ago, PPC management became overwhelming at an accelerated rate,” added Emmanuel McCoy, Director of Paid Search. “With the constant daily changes and challenges happening within the accounts, we needed a scalable solution. We created X-Vault™ to add structure and predictability to PPC and we succeeded.”