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Ever find yourself confused by the language other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry experts or account specialists use when attempting to convey, in "laymen's terms" what is happening in a Pay Per Click (PPC) account? Maybe you find yourself working with a PPC agency that works too often deep in the trenches to recall how to phrase language for those who do not perform PPC account management work on a daily basis.

Or maybe you are a burgeoning account manager yourself and wish to become fluent in "PPCese". Have no fear! SalesX has perused and curated all the PPC terminology available online via industry leading websites and added additional terms not available on any one PPC glossary so that you can find any term you encounter with its meaning and additional best practices or insights about that term.

Like a dictionary, but with practical application, the Search Engine Marketing terms to follow receive their uniquely listed definitions as well as some further understanding of how the discussed terms relates to PPC account management and the paid advertising industry at large.

Have fun and remember PPC is a quickly growing industry that is not going anywhere! This is a great time to teach yourself or brush up on unfamiliar language to become a more proficient PPC account manager or specialist, or learn the language to bridge the gap between PPC technicians who perform day to day work and the client or internal management what is happening in terminology understandable to the non-professional. 

If you come across a term or have a question about a PPC related topic that you do not see covered in this glossary, please email us at and we will happily perform the research and add it to our continually growing PPC glossary for others who may have similar questions, but be too afraid to ask, to learn about it as well.

Thank you and good luck on your PPC journey.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.
— Colin Powell - American Statesman & Retired Four-Star General

Learn pay per click: A/b Testing - average cost per click (avg. cpc)

Learn pay per click: b2b - broad match modified keywords

learn pay per click: call extensions - cost per ACQUISITION (CPA)

learn pay per click: daily budget - dynamic search ads (DSA)

learn pay per click: eligible status - experiments

learn pay per click: filters - frequency capping

learn pay per click: gemini - google grants for adwords

learn pay per clicK: headlines - hyperlinks

learn pay per click: image ads - invalid click rate

learn pay per click: javascript

learn pay per click: keywords - key performance indicators (KPIs)

learn pay per click: labels - low search volume

learn pay per click: managed placements - my client center (MCC)

learn pay per click: native ads - network changes

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: Opportunities Tab - Over-delivery

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: paid & organic - product listing ads

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: quality score - queries

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: radius targeting - review extensions

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: scripts - standard ad delivery

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: tablet device - trueview video ads

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: uet bing ads tag - user locations dimension

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: video ads - view-through conversions

LEARN PAY PER CLICK: wap mobile ads


LEARN PAY PER CLICK: yahoo gemini - youtube video ads


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