Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

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A status can refer to the account, campaign, ad group, keyword or other variable level meaning that it is allowed to run or display. 

eligible status

A ratio of how often ads are engaged with by users out of all available impressions. Engagements rates are relevant to PPC accounts that advertise banner or image ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) or the TruView YouTube video medium. Engagements such as hovering over a lightbox ad or clicking on cards or teasers on video ads result in engagements. How often an engagement occurs determines the engagement rate.

engagement rate

These are user interaction types that are taken that result in behavior with an ad without actually clicking on the ad and heading to a landing page. Examples of engagements include hovering over lightbox display ads to enlarge them, or clicking on cards or teasers on TruView YouTube video ads.


The website or landing page a person lands on to "enter" a website. The entry page is typically a home page such as the main domain of a website, for example,

entry page

Targeted bid types that are estimated by the PPC advertising platform based upon historical data and competitors or other advertisers who use the same or similar keywords in their accounts. Estimated bids provide insights into ideal maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) bids that will allow an advertiser to show their ad in key placements on the Search Engine Results Page, such as the first page (anywhere on the first page of search results), top of the page (within the first 3 or 4 positions, dependent on competitiveness of the search term) and first position, or Ad Rank 1. Bidding a maximum CPC higher than the estimated bids does not necessarily guarantee the ad's ultimate position.

estimated bids (first page bid, top page bid, first position bid)

A keyword match type that is denoted by brackets [ ] around a keyword and means that the search query a user inputs in the search engine must exactly match the keyword in the PPC advertiser's account for an ad to display. Exact match keywords also allow for slight variations such as singular and plural and different verb types such as runs and running. Exact match keywords are the most targeted PPC keyword match type and are key to an account manager controlling which search queries an advertising account will display an ad for.

Exact Match keywords

The page on a website or landing page upon which a user chooses to exit. A specific url that tends to be an exit page is not always a warning flag for a problem, as confirmation pages are usually an exit page. A warning flag exit page might be a certain step in the conversion funnel such as the page a user inputs their credit card information to finalize a purchase.

Exit page


Within the Google AdWords PPC platform, advertisers can choose to run experiments, which can A/B test landing pages, within the interface. A prerequisite to running experiments is to set up drafts within a PPC account.

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