Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

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A PPC account feature that allows the advertiser or account manager to manipulate the data in view. Filters are created and can be saved for later use. Filters allow account managers or advertisers to review specific sets of data such as only search campaigns or by label name.


The part of the ad that dictates where a user will be sent upon clicking on the ad. The final url must use the same domain as the display url for text ads, and the same domain url across all ads within an ad group. Tracking parameters can be added to a final url that will tell an account manager or advertiser metrics about the user's behavior and other variables such as device used or landing page variation viewed.

final url (formerly destination url)

A text ad interaction that leads into a click by a user that does not result in a charge to the PPC account advertiser. Free clicks can include a click on a map listing for directions or a click on a review ad extension or rating ad extension that takes users to 3rd party aggregate review or rating websites. Free clicks do not happen often, but are a great way to create value for a PPC account without accruing costs.

Free clicks

A measurement of how often the average user sees a PPC account's ads. Frequency is determined by dividing all display ad impressions (such as banners, images or videos) by the number of users who have seen at least once instance of the PPC account's ads. Too high of a frequency can lead to complaints from users, especially those who visit an advertiser's website or landing page and see the ad "follow them" around the internet for extended periods of time. Frequency can be controlled by changing the frequency cap setting.


Frequency capping

A display or video campaign setting that restricts how often an individual user can see a PPC advertiser's ads within a given time period. A user can choose to show a set number of impressions of an ad in general, by campaign or ad group, to an individual within number of hours or days time periods. A lower frequency cap means the ads will be seen less often by an individual user, and a higher frequency cap means the ads will be seen more often by an individual user.

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