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Yahoo Gemini is the PPC advertising platform advertisers can choose to show their ads to users of the Yahoo Search Engine. Also available are Yahoo Gemini native ads which use the combination of image and text copy interwoven naturally into the listing of yahoo articles, to appear more native, "fooling" users into being more inclined to click on them, leading to a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) than a standard banner or image ad.

gemini (yahoo owned ppc advertising platform)

An ad format that targets users who log into their free gmail accounts. The gmail ads show just above the first email in the listing. Like display ads, gmail ads can target users by demographics such as age, gender or parental status, as determined by their gmail profile or Google Plus profile (G+).

gmail ads

A bid modification type that targets users by their location, location interest, location search query. Specific locations can generate higher or lower performance and includes the country, state, province, city, metro area, region and zip code levels. In addition, geographical locations available for bid include radius targeting around a specific location and, on Google AdWords only, financial demographics such as highest household income tier top 10%. Location targeting can overlap such that the more granular location target bid modification will override the less specific, so that a zip code bid will override a state level bid that the zip code is found within.

Geographical bid modifications

PPC account managers and advertisers can choose where their ads show in terms of where users can be searching to trigger an ad impression. Geographical targeting can occur at larger levels including country, state and province or more specific levels such as city and zip code as well as radius targeting around a location. For Google AdWords, advertisers can also target users by places of interests including airports and universities; by household income tier demographics such as top 10% or by the advertiser's physical business locations. 

geographical targeting

The most used PPC advertising platform, expected to generate $70 billion in gross revenues for the company for the fiscal year 2016. AdWords allows PPC advertisers and account managers to target web users on the Google Search Engine, Google Search Partners (such as, Google Display Network (GDN), Google Shopping, maps and other Google owned properties, and the 2nd largest search engine, YouTube with video ads.

google adwords

Google Analytics

A tool that tracks, measures and analyzes user and website behavior across a host of variables and metrics for a varying range of time periods. Google Analytics allows PPC advertisers to import data including audiences and conversion goals into Google AdWords upon linking the accounts on the two platforms.

The AdWords account exclusively for 501(c)3 nonprofits that qualify to enroll in this Google program. The grant allows these nonprofit PPC advertisers to run search only campaigns with a $2 bid maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) ceiling by using Google's own money. A maximum of $10,000 is available to the nonprofit PPC account advertiser at a Tier 1 level. Upon meeting the requirements, a Tier 2 Google Nonprofit Grant for AdWords program exists that allows these PPC accounts to run up to $40,000 per month of Google's money for PPC campaigns.

google nonprofit grant for adwords

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