Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

Learn Pay Per Click: headline - hyperlink

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The component of the PPC search ad copy that allows the advertiser or account manager to promote the business or offering and which is the clickable part that sends users to a website or landing page. The headline is the hyperlinked piece of the search ad that generates the Cost Per Click (CPC) and is treated as an ad click. Headline character limits were traditionally 25 characters, but with the new Extended Text Ads (ETA), PPC advertisers have 2 headlines with a total of 70 characters in length. However, it is recommended to limit the Headline total character count to 33 characters as the limit to fully showing a headline is dependent on the size of letters (an "M" generates more space than a "I").


Head terms

Popular keywords that are highly competitive and can require larger bids. In opposition to the long-tailed query, the head terms are obvious search queries that should be added to a PPC account as these contain the highest traffic in terms of searches on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

A PPC account shopping campaign setting that dictates if a search query garners an ad impression that is relevant to a product be prioritized to show for item in a higher priority campaign over a lower priority campaign. The PPC account manager chooses the high priority setting to supercede a product showing over one contained in a lower priority shopping campaign including a middle or low priority shopping campaign in the PPC account. This is a useful methodology for optimizing shopping campaigns in a PPC account by an advertiser  to control which products show for user search queries on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

High priority

The part of a website, landing page or ad that connects a piece of text, image, banner, video or other piece of content and sends users to another page of a website or landing page. Hyperlinks are useful for turning a piece of content into a link connected to another relevant part of a website or landing page, and can improve the relevancy of a page.


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