Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

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Image Ads

An image ad is an ad format that allows a PPC advertiser or account manager to create a visual banner that can be used to advertise on the Google Display Network (GDN), a million plus list of websites that partner with Google to show different sized banner ads. Image ads historically could run limited forms of flash, but Google prefers the use of HTML5. Ads can have limited amount of text including the brand or business name and a Call to Action (CTA) such as a clickable button to "Shop" or "Call now", sending the user to the relevant page of a website or to dial the number on a mobile device. Image ads are also used for remarketing to users across the web.

Image Extensions

An image extension is an ad extension type exclusive to the Bing Ads PPC platform. An image extension can be added at the campaign or ad group level and is recommended in 4 sizes for various user device screen sizes. A user can upload an improved image of the business logo or of a product brand as an image extension. The "image" can also be a picture of text such as a business or product name. The image extension runs along a standard or Expanded Text Ad (ETA) in the Bing Search Engine Results Page (SERP) next to the ad.

Importing AdWords Campaigns and other settings from an active and pre-setup Google AdWords PPC account is a feature within Bing Ads that allows for a quick and efficient way to transfer the account structure into a respective Microsoft Bing Ads account. The account manager or advertiser, after importing the AdWords account data, can then make changes as relevant to target the demographic and performance differences inherent between the top two PPC marketing platforms.

import adwords

An impression is a metric that counts how many times any ad was viewed by any user. An impression only counts if it is viewable on the page. If an ad shows at the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or Below the Fold of a partner website for Search or Display (On the Google Display Network or GDN) then an impression did not occur. 


Impression share

A metric that tells a PPC advertiser or account manager how many impressions would have been available for a specific PPC account as a percentage of how many of those impressions were actually shown. Impression share is a ratio in percentage form. Two key factors limit impression share: a limited budget that causes the account to pause prematurely, and due to a low ad rank, meaning users could not see the ad because it was too low in the paid advertising listings (showing at the bottom of the first page or on the 2nd page onward).

A subset of the interest categories targeting selection for PPC display campaigns to determine when to show banner or image ads to users. In-Market audiences focus on more than just those with an interest in a category or product, but are actively researching and in the market to make a purchase for that service or product. This is a low hanging fruit option for those who wish to target users ripe to potentially become their consumer over a competitor.

In-Market audiences

A PPC display campaign targeting option that focuses banner or image ad impressions for users that have expressed interest in specific category types based upon their browsing history, preferences in their Google owned property (such as a Google Plus Page or Gmail account) or other. A business that provides a specific line of products geared toward executives may wish to target those with interest categories in business. Interest categories are broken into three groupings: Affinity audiences, Custom Affinity audiences and In-Market audiences.

Interest categories

An IP Address is an abbreviation for International Protocol Address, a unique combination of numbers assigned to individual electronic devices or networks that communicate over the Internet. Within a PPC account, an account manager or advertiser can use a setting to block specific IP addresses from seeing ads. Within Microsoft's Bing Ads platform PPC account managers can include or exclude specific IP addresses to hone their geo-targeting further and to help combat invalid click fraud.

IP Address

A PPC account variable controllable by the account manager or advertiser which allows for the determination of when and when not to show ads to users searching for a specific query, or to be placed on a website or YouTube video ad. Setting up ad schedules helps to control budget spend by allowing for bid modifications to occur based on time metrics such as day of the week and hour of the day, an example being Tuesdays between the hours of 12pm - 2pm.

invalid clicks

A monetization tool that allows website publishers and curators to generate revenues from allowing advertisers to show their ads on his or her's website. AdSense accounts are also necessary for monetizing YouTube channels and curated video content. AdSense account holders earn money when users view ads by visiting a page on the website or viewing a video ad before, during or after a YouTube video.

invalid click fraud

The invalid click rate is a ratio of the number of invalid clicks occurring within a PPC advertising account over all clicks accrued within the account. The Invalid Click Rate is a ratio measured in percentage terms. Invalid clicks are refunded back to a PPC account when determined to have occurred via the Google AdWords or Bing Ads invalid click fraud algorithm. 

invalid click rate

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