Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

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Native ads are a categorical type of ads that appear as a natural placement within other content on a search engine or website. For example, Yahoo Gemini and Bing Ads both run native ad placements on their search engines, such as appearing as news articles in a news feed, or as content on a website near other similar looking placements that may or may not also be ads. The idea is native ads, because they look and feel like like a marketing placement, are more likely to be clicked vs. the standard banner or image display ads.

Native ads

negative keywords

Negative keywords are keywords selected by the PPC advertiser or account manager that he or she does not wish an ad impression to accrue for. If keywords in a PPC account are showing for irrelevant or poor performing search queries, using the search terms report, the account manager can choose to negate or add these as negative keywords to the campaign or even account level. The keyword planner tool can also be used as a proactive means to find keywords that would likely not be relevant or perform well and can be added ahead of PPC budgetary spend occurring.

Negative Keyword Lists

Negative keyword lists are lists of keywords that contain negative keywords, from which the list can be applied to multiple campaigns simultaneously. The idea of a negative keyword list is to clean up and simplify the implementation of negative keywords across campaigns and even account wide. There are some keywords that could be added ahead of time for most advertising PPC accounts such as "free" or "career" as core negatives which would not be relevant to the offerings or goals of the account manager.

The negative keyword match type adds the modifier "-" in front of one or more words in a keyword phrase or can be used to add negative keywords to a campaign or ad group level. For example, the search red orange roses in bloom can add the "-" in front of the orange part of the keyword to ensure that in this phrase "orange" does not trigger an ad impression when a user performs a search query with "orange" in it.

negative keyword match type

The network level is a way to review performance based on where ads are shown as a channel in the PPC platform. For example, on Microsoft's Bing Ads, the segmentation of networks allows PPC account managers to review performance at the campaign, ad group, keyword or other level for the Bing search engine, search partners, content partners and native ads networks to determine whether or not a bid modification should be placed, the network should be paused or stopped, and for further analysis.


network changes

Using the modify columns section of the Google AdWords PPC interface, an advertiser or account manager can review the subset of all account changes, called network changes. Changes made to the PPC account are attributed to an individual account manager or advertiser including when the change was made and what it was. Typical network changes including selecting to run ads on the Google Search Partners network or not.

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