Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

Learn Pay Per Click: opportunities tab - over-delivery

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opportunities tab

The opportunities tab is an area within the PPC platform interface, both for Google AdWords and Microsoft's Bing Ads, to showcase a list of ways to either grow, enhance or optimize the PPC account for more impressions, clicks or spend. The opportunities listed should be taken with a grain of salt, as the PPC platform owners wish to generate the maximum budget spend they can to earn revenues for their company. However, there are some unique ways to improve the account by reviewing and selecting manually the opportunities available to the PPC advertiser or account manager.


Optimizations are actions taken with the PPC account by the advertiser or account manager to improve the account's performance, either through cutting wasteful spend, using more long-tailed queries, or the application of bid modifications to align impression share and budget with the performance of the variables within the account. Optimization work includes keyword related actions, bid modifications and adjustments, negating keywords or other variables including locations and times of day ads are served, and others. Optimizations are a part of an ongoing effort by the PPC account specialist to react to new market demands, search trends, industry competition, or other shifts that can affect individual PPC account performance.

Overdelivery in a PPC account occurs when the ad impressions and clicks happen too quickly before the account is paused when going over the allotted budget. This can happen during peak traffic times or when spikes in certain search queries occurs and can lead to a higher generation of clicks, and therefore Cost Per Clicks (CPC) ad spend to occur, leading in an overuse of the budget settings. Overdelivery that occurs is credited back to the PPC advertiser by the PPC marketing platform by the end of the monthly billing period.


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