Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

Learn Pay Per Click: UET Bing Ads tag - user Locations dimension

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UET Bing Ads Tag (universal Event Tracking)

The UET Tag, known as the Universal Event Tracking code for Microsoft's Bing Ads PPC marketing platform is used for both the tracking of users and their behavior upon clicking on a paid Bing Ads listing and for conversion tracking. The UET tag allows Bing Ads PPC advertisers or account managers to set conversion goals that trigger from the UET tag's tracked user behavior and also inputs the statistics back into the interface for review, analysis and further account management and optimization efforts. The UET tag can also have added snippets for dynamic tracking or event tracking using available Bing Ads tracking code snippet templates for e-commerce or unique event tracking conversion goals. 

Unique visitors

Unique Visitors are a subset of all users that visit a PPC advertiser's website or landing page and can be individually measured and targeted for remarketing on search via the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) retargeting option, or across the Google Display Network (GDN) or YouTube video search engine. Unique visitors can be calculated by dividing the total impressions by the reach and frequency metrics found via Google Analytics. 

The Universal App Campaign is a campaign type formatted and geared toward mobile and tablet device users who are shown the PPC account advertiser's app as an add for download across search, display and YouTube. The Universal App Campaign is intended for initial app downloads by users and can follow-up with mobile app engagement ads later on for users who have not used the app within an allotted period of time. App ads are available for advertisers on the Google Play app platform for Android device users and ITunes platform for Apple device users and are set up and tracked with separate conversion goals and settings. 

universal app campaign

URL Options are an umbrella term for all options available to the PPC account manager or advertiser to set up, edit and manage tracking template and url parameters as well as setting options for auto-tagging ad URLs. The URL options settings are available in Google AdWords and Bing Ads via the shared library tab in the left-hand navigational pane.

URL Options

The User Locations dimension is a level that allows PPC advertisers and account managers to review account performance at the variable level of where a user was when viewing the ad and their user behavior and performance. The tabs are available at multiple location levels including Country / Territory, region, metro area, city and most specific location. By removing some of these location level columns, the performance data provided will be more or less location specific, ideal for PPC advertisers who might only want to measure performance at individual state levels for example.

user locations dimension

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