Glossary of PPC Search Engine Marketing Terms

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video ads

Video ads are a PPC advertising ad type that targets users on the YouTube video search engine with TrueView video ad formats and across the Google Display Network (GDN) partners. Video ads are a powerful way to increase brand awareness and tell a story with imagery and sound. Video ads on YouTube require an active YouTube channel hosting the video to be advertised, and linked with the Google AdWords account with a publicly viewable video. 

Video campaigns

Video Campaigns are the PPC advertising campaign type that allows for video advertising on the YouTube video search engine via the TrueView video ads platform and with select Google Display Network (GDN) partners. By linking the YouTube channel account with Google AdWords video campaigns can successfully run and accrue data and statistics for review, analysis and optimization of video ads and campaign settings.

View-Through Conversions (VTCs) are a subset type of conversions that only occur with visual ads such as banner, image or video ads by influencing user behavior to not convert immediately, but later as a result of the branded awareness. View-Through Conversions account for 20-30% of all users that see the visual ad, then convert via another channel, as a result of top of the mind brand awareness. The usual channels that account for View-Through Conversions are typically via organic searches or direct URL visits as a result of knowing of the PPC advertiser's brand. Some of this value would not have been created had it not been for the awareness and thus should be added to the revenues generated by PPC marketing efforts.

view-through conversions (VTC)

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