SalesX PPC Agency Services: Search Advertising


Consumers are using Google's search engine to find what they need everyday. But it's not enough to plug and play. With competition more fierce than ever, PPC is war, and you need PPC sharpshooters in your corner. Get the unfair advantage with SalesX using our insider knowledge, script automation and ORCA process:

  • In-House creation of powerful script automation made unique to your account's needs
  • Internal ORCA process allows us to make 1000's of changes to your account
  • Proactive research using industry data, competitor research and keyword planning means avoiding wasteful spend, saving you $$$
  • Account wide AdText and landing page testing means Kaizen, continuous improvement

Is a Ppc audit right for you?


Think your campaign could be making you more money? Want some badass PPC experts to show you how? In this quick and affordable assessment we'll show you a bunch of opportunities you'd be crazy not to capitalize on.

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