Ad Copy Training: Convert with Brand Story, Call to Actions

Holidays and Seasonal Ad Copy

Even though Santa is warming up his sleigh, online retailers still have a chance to make this year’s holidays merrier by tweaking the copy of their SEM campaigns. 

“It’s amazing to see the huge impact word choice can have on ad performance,” CTO Frederick Vallaeys writes in his latest column for, headlined “3 Proven Ways To Write Ads That Deliver More Conversions.”

With nearly 60 percent of holiday shoppers planning to make at least some purchases online and a double-digit increase expected in seasonal e-commerce sales, SEM advertisers enjoy growing opportunities. However competitors know this, so ads must sparkle to stand out amid the sea of options customers encounter.

Vallaeys, a former Google executive instrumental in developing many key AdWords products, collaborated on the essay with David Greenbaum, CEO of Boost Media, an agency offering creative and optimization services for SEM campaigns. Together they offer examples of how small ad copy changes can improve results.

Telling Your Brand Story

“Our data suggest that your brand story should focus on customers and how they can derive benefits that fulfill their needs,” Greenbaum writes.

The piece warns that too many ads provide information at the expense of addressing aspirations — leaving shoppers more apt to move along than to process product attributes into their particular wants.

“Oftentimes product features tell while benefits sell,” Greenbaum writes. “An ad for brake pads that mentions the ‘titanium frame’ is likely less impactful to a consumer than an ad that mentions ‘safety.’”

Santa shouldn’t be the only one checking things twice this holiday season. The authors encourage advertisers to assess their ad copy and make sure it is written to engage, not just inform. If it needs fixings, find a good copywriter. The elves are busy.

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