Ad Text Training: Fred Vallaeys, AdWords Evangelist, Discusses Ad Copy Best Practices

Too many AdWords campaigns suffer from neglect of their most basic elements:

the copy.

So say two thought leaders in the search advertising industry: SalesX Chief Technology Officer Frederick Vallaeys and David Greenbaum, Boost Media CEO.

AdWords requires precise targeting AND compelling copy, Vallaeys writes in “4 Reasons Your Search And Display Ads Are Getting Fatigued.”  The column explores the pair’s concern that — despite the effort and resources put into AdWords campaigns — many companies let their ads grow stale.

Greenbaum, whose company uses crowdsourcing to create and identify effective ads, warns: “Ad copy should be a lot of things. Intriguing. Compelling. Informative. Entertaining. Perhaps even provocative. One thing it should never be? A ‘set it and forget it’ item.”

He cites Pepsi, with Britney giving way to Beyoncé as spokesperson to chase the elusive youth market. Paid search advertisers, Greenbaum argues, should take a lesson from Pepsi and keep ads fresh. “However, digital marketers spend less than 3 percent of their time on developing, refreshing or optimizing their search ads.”

Greenbaum’s aforementioned four points to avoid ad fatigue:

  1. Reassess strategy as buying habits change with the seasons and whenever “a brand repositions itself … or takes on new objectives.”
  2. Advertisers in the same space pilfer copy, and “messaging becomes diluted, causing a shorter shelf life for ads due to the ‘pile on.’ ”  He makes the point with the accompanying illustration that identical ads fail “to pack any kind of punch at all.”
  3. “Marketers see results when they talk to consumers the same way those consumers talk among themselves.”
  4. As advertisers build campaigns around ever more specific customer behaviors, they must also continue to refine the message.
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