X-Octane® - Custom Google AdWords Script by SalesX®


Agency benefits + In-house level attention: How to get the best of both worlds when setting strategy and overseeing performance for AdWords

Companies hire agencies to manage their Google Ads campaigns because they want and need the skills, experience, systems, and tools that agencies have to offer. Other companies have in-house account managers because they want someone to watch their account closely throughout the day, every day.

While working with an agency has its distinct and irrefutable benefits, it can also take some getting used to because while an agency brings a lot more resources to the table, the allocation of those resources to any given account can be far less than having a full time person on staff for each type of task. This has been an age old problem, until now.

Difficulty in Continuously Monitoring Performance in AdWords

Traditionally agency account managers monitor the performance of their accounts and as long as KPIs are being met they keep their focus on new and upcoming projects. When something looks off or an account is having a particularly challenging day they might look into making changes to it or to give it another day and see if it’s a fluke that will right itself.

The other thing that happens is that account managers check Analytics for spikes or dips in performance then go back and try to figure out what might have caused those spikes or dips. Yet invariably this will be after the fact and too late to do anything about it in a proactive manner.

These types of behaviors are typical because AdWords is an auction environment with changing conditions and it’s unwise to jump to conclusions based on any given day’s data. Yet this is also the reason as to why extraordinary days aren’t being modeled immediately and why awful days aren’t being stymied instantly. This is also why while the KPI of an account might look fine today, in a few days it might suddenly tank because of various factors that cause lag in seeing the results in AdWords.

Leveraging AdWords hourly data for quick wins and fast stop losses

One way we’ve solved this problem at SalesX® is via a custom AdWords script we call X-Octane®. Using X-Octane® we check each of our account’s performances automatically every hour, compare it to several other performance metrics, and flag whether the account is over performing, underperforming, or is running on par with expectations. We are able to tell how the account is doing compared to the last 7 days, compared to the last 14 days, whether the account is meeting or exceeding KPIs and by what percentage, and how the account is running based on the expected pace for the month, i.e., how much room do we have to accelerate based on the current positive conditions.

X-Octane® allows us to monitor every one of our accounts under management every hour and see actionable trends that lead to micro wins or micro stop-losses. These micro-trends then compound for macro wins at the end of the month and/or setback averted.


In the above example, an actual SalesX® account, on the surface looked like it was doing great, however X-Octane® noticed that while the past 14 days performance was above KPI (108%), the account had been trending downwards and the last 7 days performance was actually lowering the account performance down to 74% of KPI goal for that week. This real time information allowed us to make some adjustments to the account and monitor their impact via X-Octane® seeing that the performance for the day was registering at 118% of KPI, reversing the downward trend, and keeping the overall KPI at 107%.

AdWords Performance via full time attention plus agency expertise

X-Octane® is an example of how smart AdWords scripts automation combinations can yield an optimal performance environment in day-to-day monitoring and management of Google AdWords accounts. While this is just a single example of such scripts usage as one would find in the X-Vault® it demonstrates that even this sole functionality bridges a gap that has previously eluded most advertisers and agencies. I.e., it has enabled the ability to monitor, compare, flag, and adjust account performance every hour, on every account, every day.