Google Data Studio Perfected for KPI Reporting


Google Data Studio KPI dashboards help clients view multiple reports and a wide range of data in one location. They allow for true visibility into account and campaign performance and show how the SalesX® account optimizations are performing. These reports capture near real time (refreshed every hour) data from Google Ads, Bing, Google Analytics and custom scripts.

The reports start with high level KPI data - spend, KPI goals and the changes that have occurred in the account. This gives clients a quick look into progress and success of the account with a quick glance. The first page also includes allocation and recent projects that the SalesX® team has worked on. Below the fold, the page shows recording breaking dates for CTR, conversions and CPA / ROAS. Finally, the report’s first page shows possible errors which are monitored by scripts, with SalesX® often notified before Google or the client is notified.


Diving into the second page is Google Ads performance, high level data on the top campaigns and device breakdown. Clients can review impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions and CPC. Specific campaigns can be chosen and the date range can be modified to show specific time frames, allowing clients to see campaign trends.

Since customer interactions are insightful and vital to understanding our clients needs, the third page of this report shows Google Analytics data - users, sessions, page views, locations and the media driving traffic. This allows clients that ability to review Google Ads and GA data in the same report.

Pages four and five are labeled ORCA and they provide additional insight into some of the areas where we optimize the account. These pages show information on the day of the week, time of day, device, gender, etc. It helps show how the performance of the account can be adjusted with bid modifications to help the account perform.

Our Alpha/Beta process, X-Alphas®, is one of the key factors to our clients success and the difference in these campaigns can be seen on page five. Comparing the key indicators in the campaigns help show the success of the Alpha campaigns. The Alpha campaigns have increased CTR, conversions, conversion rates, higher ROAS,  lower CPA and a better avg. CPCs.


The final page of our report shows Google’s Auction Insights from the client account. The auction insights report lets them compare their performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that they are in. This information can help determine bids/budgets and potential missed opportunities in that account. The auction insights report shows impression share, overlap rate, position above rate, top of page rate, and outranking share.

At SalesX® each client receives its own custom Google Data Studio report that is curated to fit their needs. These reports can also show custom Google Analytics data as well as data from other platforms such as Bing and Facebook.