Shared Budgets Tutorial: Learn How to Create Shared Budgets in AdWords

What is a Shared Budget

A shared budget is an advanced option in AdWords that allows a set limit of spend to be associated with more than one campaign at a time. The default setting when setting up campaigns in AdWords is to have a daily budget cap for that individual campaign.

But what if you or a client has a budget for a type of advertising campaign, such as a search budget, display budget and shopping budget; or a brand budget and non-brand budget? A shared budget is able to tackle these concerns with a very simple and easy setup.

How to Set Up a Shared Budget

Watch the 60-second step-by-step video on how to set up a shared budget within AdWords.

Best Practices for Shared Budgets

Tip #1

As with campaign level budgets, shared budgets are based on a daily maximum. Most clients typically budget their marketing dollars monthly. Google calculates monthly budgets by multiplying the daily budget setting by the average number of days in a month, 30.4.

To calculate a client’s monthly budget into AdWords daily budget you would do the following:

  Clients budget (x) / 30.4 days in the average month = Daily AdWords budget (y)

Tip #2

Name the shared budget what its purpose is. For example, if you or a client wants to segment their AdWords budget by campaign type, then name the shared budget for each targeting option: “search budget”, “shopping budget”, ”display budget”.

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