SalesX Shortlisted for Best Small PPC Agency and for Best Local Campaign by the US Search Awards

Press Release | SalesX

On October 12th the US Search Awards, in association with Bing during Pubcon Las Vegas, will host the largest celebration for PPC and digital marketing in the USA, awarding companies in categories such as Best Local Campaign and Best PPC Campaign. PPC agencies from across the country are playing their hand for recognition as top tier agencies. Being shortlisted for an award marks a company's talent and skill, and winning it can help them reach new heights of success and exposure. Landing a spot amongst the top agencies in the digital marketing world is SalesX.

On September 8th, the US Search Awards announced that SalesX made the shortlist for Best Local Campaign and Best Small PPC Agency. Joe Khoei, founder and CEO of SalesX, stated, "We're excited to get recognized among the top tier PPC agencies in the US. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into getting us here." SalesX is focused on producing Business Value for their clients and were nominated for the Best Local Campaign award based on their AdWords, Bing, and Facebook campaigns for Midwest Dental; a professional dental organization with over 180 dental practices under management.

In an interview with Bob Connolly, Director of Marketing and Digital at Midwest Dental, he stated, "When I found SalesX I found a company who truly believes in my KPIs and cares about my KPIs..." Conveying a SalesX core value: to always create Business Value for its clients. Hitting a client's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is much more than just a metric. It is a value dial that is used by senior executives to make key business decisions.

According to Bob, SalesX has been able to create an AdWords campaign that meets his company's needs while delivering consistently favorable results, stating, "We've converted at two to three times the level we used to and that's really because of what SalesX can bring to the table."

Each month SalesX makes over 50,000 modifications via various tests and adjustments throughout all of Midwest Dental's campaigns. This is a result of their established processes including the Optimization Recurring Checklist for AdWords (ORCA™), as recognized by the prominent industry blog Search Engine Land[1].

Dubbing themselves as "Data Junkies" this is one of the reasons why SalesX is also nominated for Best Small PPC Agency. A client's KPI is at the forefront of every campaign and this process of continuous improvement (Kaizen) is implemented on every client's account at SalesX. Joe Khoei stated, "By creating custom AdWords Scripts for our clients and by leveraging the maximum power of Optmyzr tools, coupled with training our clients on how to best handle Internet leads, we help our clients achieve extraordinary Business Value from our services."

SalesX's team eats, drinks, and breathes PPC and it shows. They await in eager anticipation for October 12th, to find out if they can claim title to Best Small PPC Agency and Best Local Campaign in the US.

SalesX is a digital marketing agency based in San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in PPC management and Google AdWords. Founded in 2010 they have developed several core account management methodologies, tools and processes that enable their delivery of key Business Value results to their clients.

SalesX is honored to get nominated for these two awards and wants to congratulate all other companies that are also shortlisted.