View Through Conversions: VTC Definition for Business Executives

What are View-Through Conversions (VTCs)

View-through Conversions are what happens when someone sees your ad, does not click on it, but later directly visits your website and converts to a lead or a purchase. 

View-through conversions signal the rise of a phenomenon I call advertising 360, or marketing 360. The web is now so prolific and integrated in our day-to-day lives that whether we realize it or not just about every decision we make has had some sort of influence through the web. 

Direct vs. Indirect Conversions

When the web's influence is direct then we call it conversions. When it's indirect we call it view-through conversions.

View-through conversions are now directly measurable if you are using the Google AdWords Display Network (GDN) for banner (display) advertising. However, in the classic sense of measuring advertising effectiveness, they still work in any type of adverts you do. This is why when you look at the visitor data for a site that does advertising you actually see a lot of "direct" visits. And when you go back to their pre-advertising data you will see that their "direct' visits were lower.

With time there will be more ways of measuring view-through conversions. For example, Google is working on technology that will record a store visit by someone who recently viewed your ad or clicked on it. While the measuring methods are being honed it's good to keep in mind that view-through conversions are real and should be leveraged in your advertising plans and decisions.

Influence of View-Through Conversions on AdWords Account Performance

I'd suggest that the directions we take in our decisions are those that are dictated when our conscious and "other-than-conscious" minds align. If we see something we like that we've already seen 100 times without noticing it, we are much more likely to gravitate towards it and take action to make it ours.

Overall the influence of Internet advertising reaches far beyond our conscious minds. And there is value to all of those millions of "impressions" (your ads getting free screen time) that you get as a byproduct of doing pay per click (PPC) advertising.

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