Joe Khoei

I’m Joe Khoei, founder and CEO of SalesX®. Thank you for visiting. During my two decades in Silicon Valley I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of businesses prosper and to mentor many entrepreneurs. I’ve learned that no matter how hard people work or how good the idea, success is always a collaborative process.

That is why I started SalesX® in 2010: to assist companies by providing them with SEM tools to reach the right people at the right time. From Day One we invested in our clients through education and coaching programs that let them harness the energy within their organizations.

Customers responded, allowing SalesX® to grow and improve service to our clients. Please take a moment to learn more about SalesX®. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

Emmanuel McCoy

Emmanuel is one of SalesX's earliest team members. His obsession for conversions and his passion for Paid Search Advertising has earned him his partner status. Emmanuel oversees the paid search team and insures that SalesX® clients are at the forefront of innovation.

Emmanuel's focus on ongoing testing and continuous improvement perpetuates throughout the SalesX® culture, processes, and systems. 

If you want to put Emmanuel's team in action for yourself then feel free to inquire about our X-Audit.


Board of Directors

Frederick Vallaeys

Frederick Vallaeys was one of the first 500 employees at
Google where he helped grow the Google Ads search marketing system and continues to serve as the one and only
Google Ads Evangelist.

As SalesX's former CTO, Frederick introduced Advanced Google Ads Scripts and custom scripts automation into our client accounts and helped us lay down the foundation of what is now our comprehensive custom scripts library. He is also the Co-founder of Optmyzr, a Google Ads tool company that makes a Historical Quality Score Tracker, One-Click Google Ads Optimizations and other tools to make account management more efficient.

Our Perspective: Business Value of Advertising Technology™ - BVAT™

CEO Joe Khoei and CTO Frederick Vallaeys discuss how SalesX differentiates itself by starting from a business value perspective when performing PPC account management.