Google Ads Scripts are all the rage these days but we got our start on them over 5 years ago. We have 70+ custom scripts that help our clients make the impossible possible?

What's your impossible?

Optimization Solution: Why You Need It: How Our Optimization Software Achieves It:
X-Alphas™ Breaks Out Winners Aggressively identifies and separates winning keywords for special optimization processes (Intent)
X-Checker™ Isolates Broken Assets Monitors all areas for errors that require immediate attention (Quality)
X-Monitor™ Watches Everything Watches all account Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and updates their real-time status (Monitor)
X-Dash™ Real Time Reporting Captures real-time account progress and results in a reporting dashboard (Client-side Monitor)
X-Notables™ Reports Key Wins Captures, emails, and updates notable record breaking events in a real-time management dashboard (Reports)
X-Active™ Assures Uptime Assures approved ads exist in all active areas (Quality)
X-Budget™ Aligns Multiple Diverse Budgetary Requirements Creates and manages custom monthly budgets and with custom-pace as required by business needs (Allocation)
X-Journal™ Memorializes Winning Moments Systematically acts on company-specific important times (History)
X-Correlator™ Plots Winning Trends Identifies company-specific correlations from historical records and plans ahead for subsequent optimizations (Plots)
X-APR™ Alpha Progress Rate Tracks and plots growth rates of winning keyword additions (Progress Reports)
X-Teller™ Early Warning System Provides pre-indicator warnings about potential downturns in KPIs (Quality)
X-Shopper™ Accelerates Hot Sellers Separates hot selling e-commerce items into their own areas for special optimization processes (Product)
X-Climate™ Adjusts to Weather Conditions Adjusts campaign behavior for businesses impacted by the elements (Weather)
X-Octane Outpaces Past History Overrides history-based campaign optimizations upon existence of outstanding present conditions (Current) Read Use Case
X-Address™ Tags Winners Mines winning assets, and reveals outliers for expansion, and inventory management suggestions (Identification)
X-Verify™ Technical QA Alerts of any discrepancy in your advertising tracking and attribution systems (Quality)
X-Scan™ Stays Alert and Aware Consolidates individual errors that can otherwise get lost in the noise (Quality)
X-Pace™ Mandates Desired Pace Enables and expands budget monitoring functionality beyond traditional algorithm capabilities (Advance)
X-Sync™ Extends Wins to All Locations Replicates positive exploratory findings from one area to the whole of the ad systems (Share)
X-Clean™ Reduces Overage Identifies and eliminates areas of diminishing returns (Efficiency)
X-Display™ Promotes Winning Creatives Applies X-Alphas™ to the wider Display Networks (Approval)

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