SalesX is a Premier Google AdWords Partner

SalesX is a Premier Google AdWords Partner

We Know What Others Don’t - That This is War

To make real money in Google AdWords, to turn every dollar you spend into not just $2, but $5 or even $10, you need a complete set of skills and tools. It isn’t enough to understand how it works, you need the technology to adjust quickly and constantly, the sales knowledge to develop campaigns that generate revenue (and not just clicks), and access to information before your competitors. SalesX crushes the competition because we have all three.

We’ve got Google’s R&D department on speed dial

We’re insiders because our owners helped build the AdWords backend. We not only know it better than anyone else, we’ve got the inside scoop on updates and changes in real time. This means we are the first ones that can take advantage of it, building automation scripts that will crush the competition before they even know what hit them.



Tech savvy? We built the Technology other agencies use

Our X-Vault™ platform facilitates, analyzes, and implements rapid adjustments to campaign optimizations. This platform includes use of custom AdWords Scripts, API, and other bespoke software products.

Optmyzr™ is the most robust data analysis tool on the market, delivering metrics way beyond those of even Google Analytics. Most agencies don’t even use technology as sophisticated as Optmyzr™, but even those that do don’t use it to its full capacity because it’s so complex. We built Optimizer to address needs that weren’t being met by Google, and suffice it to say we know Optmyzr™ like the back of our hand. Because technology is worthless unless you know how to use it.

Similarly, we’ve made ORCA™, the internal system of checks and balances we developed to maximize our client’s ROI, available to the public. Hundreds of small agencies have downloaded ORCA, and we’re happy to share it because we know our competitors will never be able to implement it like we can (or at all.)

Business & Sales is in Our Blood

Sure we’ve got a team of tech geeks who love crunching numbers all day long. But unlike our competitors, we have founders whose backgrounds in sales fills in the missing piece. The numbers are crucial, but putting ads and clicks into real world scenario is what allows us to see and capitalize on much larger opportunities for our clients.

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