Full Cycle Search Engine Marketing (SEM): from Prospects to Contracts


About SalesX

We started out in January of 2010 as a sales consulting company. However, from the beginning we found ourselves building websites, making them conform to search engine standards, and advertising them on the web on behalf of our customers.

Now in our 5th year we have a best practice, fully integrated search engine marketing platform that gets our customers a lot more than leads and calls. We enable 10 different actions that all lead to more visibility and business from the web. Our passion is to help our customers succeed by helping them convert clicks to revenue. Meet our team.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Advertising on the web is a specialized business called Search Engine Marketing or SEM. To be able to effectively leverage SEM you need thousands of hours of experience in using sophisticated tools, specialized knowledge, and above all a process of continuous and iterative improvement. With all these elements in place the web can be a boon to most businesses. We help companies that believe it’s best to leave the expert work to experts. We’re SEM experts and we help our customer’s campaigns take flight. See the view from above.


For most people analytics is a bunch of gibberish. We present analytics in a different light. We break down analytics into specific actions that add value to a business. These value dials are the ultimate indicators that move the decision needles for our customers. Internet advertisers always promise visibility into your campaigns. But that visibility is useless if you can’t make sense of it. We give you the things you care about. We call this Action Tracking.

Landing Page Development

Investing resources to get relevant traffic only pays off if that traffic then engages with your business in a meaningful way. For this to happen the visitor must land on a page that is carefully designed to convince them about your viability as a provider. Creating this type of web page is called landing page development. You’ll be amazed what a few best practice landing pages can do for your campaigns. You should think twice about sending paid traffic to just your general website if you can have fully optimized landing pages for your campaign.

Internet Sales Process Engineering

Prospects that you receive from the Internet are different from traditional word-of-mouth and referral prospects. We educate our customers about these differences and help them build Internet sales thought processes specifically for their businesses. This helps tremendously in increasing their closing ratios of Internet leads. We normally don’t charge for this service. We provide it as a value added benefit of working with us and to assure you can take your SEM experience with us full cycle.

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